Rugged Mobile Computing

Handheld Device (under 5.5”)

Engineered for industrial applications, with durability, mobility and stability at its core, ARBOR’s range of rugged industrial handheld devices is perfect for enabling your mobile workforce. Data retrieval is provided with RFID, NFC and Barcode Scanner modules. With WiFi, bluetooth and 3G/4G connectivity users are able to instantly transmit, receive and interpret essential data which enhances productivity, reduces cost, and improves inventory management. With optional accessories including in-vehicle docking stations, and pistol grips to aid barcode scanning, the rugged Android devices are ideal rugged platforms for the following deployments.

● Warehouse, inventory and asset management
● Logistics and distribution
● Vehicle application and fleet management
● Retail price and stock check
● Maintenance and repair services

Ultra-Rugged Handheld Device