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Case Study - Oil drill platform

Rugged and customized HMI solution for Oil Drilling Platform
Oil drill platform

As the world’s leading supplier of technology, integrated project management and information solutions to customers working in the oil and gas industry worldwide, our client adopts ARBOR’s HMI products to offers widest range of services and increases the effectiveness for the drilling industry.
Due to the requirement of the oil industry, an IPC used in the oil drilling environment needs to be extremely rugged and highly reliable. It also requires an IPC to support multiple connectors for different devices and sensors, which requires a flexible customizable solution.


The solution ARBOR provides is the HMI TOKIN-6153 (customized model). We provide customization services to meet customer’s individual needs. A project team is built to design the customized version with multiple connectors for different detecting sensors and oil drilling devices. The chassis and panel are enhanced to provide better protection and durability. It ensures that our solution is both extremely rugged and highly reliable.


TOKIN-6153 is built into the system as the information dashboard and control center of the oil drilling devices. All important information from devices and sensors is displayed on a centralized panel. The operator can control and setup multiple oil devices with one touch screen.
Oil drill platform


To provide the greatest flexibility for customized solutions, ARBOR is capable to overcome most critical design factors and fulfill customers’ requirements for time-to-market.